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Mark's UMC12 - NO MEETINF MOTHER'S DAY17-19 Duffey Farm Watersport Weekend Campout26 - NO MEETING HOLIDAY JUNE 2019 2 - Troop meeting Class B9 - Troop meeting Class B instructions for SC13 - Choptank District Roundtable / OA at St.

Join a remarkable group of speakers, instructors, musicians and attendees for an analog experience at the gate of the Sierra Nevadas.

In today’s fast paced world, we are able to communicate with each other more conveniently than ever, yet we find ourselves to be even more disconnected.

Our work weeks have gotten longer, our anxiety has gotten higher and we are losing touch with what it is that makes humanity so damn amazing.

Unless there’s an emergency adult leaders stay out of patrol camping areas. (This almost never happens.) The main exception to this would be a sick Scout who really does need some adult assistance. Quickly and efficiently establish the adult area at any camp AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Set up the adult chairs and adult cooking area and TELL any new leaders where they may put their tents.

I will often send a Patrol Leader or the Senior Patrol Leader over there but we adults generally stay away. This is best handled by the Senior Patrol Leader but that may not always work for various reasons.

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Take the time to remember what it feels like to be who you really are and allow yourself to experience the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the crackling sound of wood burning in a campfire without distraction. Nestled in the Sierra Nevadas Yellow Pine forest, accommodations include a unique stay in a shared canvas tipi village, fresh daily meals, beer wine, snacks, camper field guide kit, shower and bathroom facilities, slow-life camp vibes and all analog programming. Feel free to hang back at camp and enjoy one of many tech-free activities we offer like our lawn and board games, a postcard station, an art and listening room, DIY aromatherapy, a book from the little library or even take a dip in the pool. There is a shuttle transfer available from Reno-Tahoe Limousine for an additional or limited parking passes for .The Scoutmaster should make sure that this is happening.Whenever possible the adult area should be out of direct sight of the patrol areas. If you have a troop trailer don’t allow adults inside it at any camp or campout.Luckily, the camp is right on the water and has loads of water sports.

More sticks than you can shake a paddle at and War Canoes! Each day started with the Polar Bear Plunge Followed by a cup of coffee for the leaders Things got serious soon with Merit Badge Classes, like Cooking Between Merit Badges, there was plenty of time to hang out And no afternoon is complete until the Trading Post opens and sugary snacks could be consumed.From Reno (about 1 hour)SHUTTLE LEAVES RENO AT NOON, FRIDAY RETURNS AT 1PM, SUNDAY (Specific times may vary)From Sacramento (about 2 hours)From San Francisco (about 4 1/2 hours)Please bring a weekender bag with basic personal belongings (camping attire), toiletries, pillow and sleeping bag. There will be an emergency number provided for you to share with family and friends in advance. Our discounted rates for 8 people include private accommodations for your group, 0 off each ticket and 8 free parking passes. Contact us for additonal corporate retreat pricing.