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BOURNEMOUTH: Here we saw another unusual double-headed pairing in 1953 in the shape of 10202 and “U” 31623 and in the same year shots of a Black 5 and a V2 were on loan to the Southern whilst the Merchant Navy Class had checks on their axles.10 000 was in action in 1954 and a shed view depicted an M7, a W. Somerset & Dorset 53807 arrived at Bournemouth Central on a rail tour for the Home Counties Association.60532 ‘Blue Peter’ and Class 24s were on view at St. LEEDS & BRADFORD: At Holbeck Shed in 1958, single and double chimney Black 5s 4477 were side by side for comparison. Time for a couple of interior round house shots featured five locos round the turn table, (1962) with six locos around the table in a 1963 view inside Holbeck.46115 ‘Scots Guardsman’, with a yellow stripe, was at Bradford in 1965 and DP2 was also in the same city. As the question suggests, lots of spotters were in view.At this point Paul’s last slide of the half announced “It was time for tea! BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET: Back to 1955 and a Jubilee with a double chimney in the shape of 45742 ‘Connaught’ had charge of the “Midlander”.

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Lastly, a Trevor Owen master piece depicted an overall view of Kingmoor Shed.After brief foray on the West Coast Line in 1964 with steam this was followed by preserved steam in the U. An industrial interlude dated back to 1972 with the last steam loco built by Hunslet for Java being the subject.