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Rachel’s interest in sustainable agriculture and grazing has deep roots in the soil. She then began her work with grass farmers, a source of joy and a journey of discovery.

Her twelve years at the agency allowed her to pursue her goal of helping communities find ways to live profitably AND sustainably in their environment.He previously worked for the USDA-Soil Conservation Service in western New York as a Grassland Specialist serving dairy and livestock producers in the 15 western counties of New York.Ed, his wife Sue, their three border collies, and 30 cows manage a pasture-based farm in Preston County West Virginia Forrest Pritchard is a professional farmer and writer, holding degrees in English and Geology from the College of William and Mary.While at WVU, I won a statewide entrepreneurship competition with a patentable device I designed for video-assisted cattle artificial insemination.

I then spent six months interning for grazing expert Greg Judy in Missouri.They also raise and sell pork, pastured chickens and turkeys, farm fresh eggs, hand-dyed and natural color yarns, and sheepskins.