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We cannot comment about the specific facts of this criminal case, which will now make its way through the criminal justice system."Miller said Way's initial suspension was "part of an internal investigation concerning potential violations of Department of Correction policy.

The investigation is active and ongoing."Sources familiar with the case who requested anonymity said Way was being investigated for having sex with a woman serving a lengthy term for a violent crime.

Way was charged with two counts of sexual relations in a detention facility, a class G felony, and one count of official misconduct, Sgt. Under Delaware law, someone convicted of a class G felony can get 0 to 2 years in prison.

However, sentencing guidelines used by Delaware judges urge no more than six months behind bars.

I mainly bought this for day hiking trips and our upcoming trips to Disney and Canadian Rockies.

The size is good for what I was looking for (smaller than a regular backpack, yet bigger than a purse), but the downside is the pockets don’t open very wide so it was a challenge getting larger folded items in and situated.

Delaware law forbids corrections employees to have sexual contact or relations with an inmate.

The News Journal does not identify victims of alleged sex crimes.

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And the tallest compartment has one pouch for a tablet or books.James Ellroy, the crime novelist and author of LA Confidential, who met Otash several times, turned his career into a novel, Shakedown, published online and is now writing the script for a television version.The Otash notes published so far do not reveal what, if anything, the detective discovered when he searched Monroe's house and the tapes of the Hollywood star's alleged encounters with the Kennedys have never surfaced.The official misconduct charge is a misdemeanor punishable under Delaware law by up to one year in prison but sentencing guidelines call for probation.

Further details on the relationship between Way and the female inmate were not available, as police records surrounding the case are sealed.“Getting a live show with your favorite porn star is like sitting down with your favorite actor or musician,” said Fattorosi, who offers legal advice to cam girls, porn stars, and camming studios, and is also engaged to marry a cam girl himself.