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ooo ooo ooo If you are trying to access links here, look up "queer_trekker" on dreamwidth .org, and wen there put in "My profile on ffnet" into the search ooo ooo My works here and other works can be found at AO3 (some stories there that are not here) and Fi Mfiction (MLP related fics)ooo ooo Note: (Do not message me about these issues).

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Websites, Pinocchio, Austrian Mythology, Shrek, Portuguese fairy tales, cook books, sayings, proverbs, Documentary, Monotheistic mythos, Bible, Star Trek TNG, Guanche Mythology, Iron Man, Black Adder, various Shakespeare, African Folktales, animated Folktale Vids,, Zulu Mythology, Zoroastrian Mythology, Bell painting, "The Book of Imaginary Beings", Ukrainian Dance, Ukrainian music, Turkish Folklore, Turkmenistan Folklore, Germanic folklore, Flags, Chinese folklore and mythology, Thailand Folktales. v=h Nb1_2Uh25EThe South Korean children's song clip.https://Last Week of October- Harry, 9yrs old, enters Brocklaide, a Hidden Place, France.Harry also develops his ability to magically create fire when he uses it on an Audrey.January 6th-Harry watched an Epiphany Parade, unmentioned city. January 11th- Harry decides to follow a road, the A-42.

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He eventually makes a stop by an old abandoned villa , meets Tigger, and gains the Happy Feet Curse.

Links to things related to sources of The Boy and the Beginning story: African Folktale- Anansi v=Ynia Briaq1w The 10 Most Insane Rulers Videohttps://