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You'll probably be surprised at how many executables are launched automatically!Simply run and it shows you the currently configured auto-start applications as well as the full list of Registry and file system locations available for auto-start configuration.Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members must update their information to make sure they still qualify for health coverage.Members are usually asked to renew their information once a year, depending on their eligibility.Breakpad used as crash reporter on Windows and Mac OS X, superseding closed-source Talkback. Support for Growl and native widgets within forms for Mac OS X. Upgrade of SQLite to version 3.3.17, leading to increased cookie performance due to transition of cookie service to SQLite. The SSL security system has been changed to fix a renegotiation flaw. CSS :visited selectors have been changed to block ways that websites can quickly check a user's browsing history. Loading the URL about:memory now shows how much memory is used by different parts of Firefox. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 the menu bar has been replaced with the Firefox button. Java Script speed improvements due to engine optimizations.Site-specific preference service, used initially for text zoom, allowing zoom setting to remain on each website. New Quit dialog handles multiple windows more elegantly and allows users to save session. Remember password prompt changed to non-modal information bar. Link history lookup is now performed asynchronously on a thread. An experimental Direct2D rendering backend on Windows is available, turned off by default. Currently loaded web pages are shown in the location bar autocomplete list, allowing switching to existing tabs. More Performance improvement and support for new CSS and HTML5 web technology. The Bookmarks Toolbar has been replaced with a Bookmarks Button by default (you can switch it back if you'd like). Changes to how XPCOM components are registered in order to help startup time and process separation. Web authors can now get touch events from Firefox users on Windows 7 machines. Panorama, a new feature that gives users a visual overview of all open tabs, allowing them to be sorted and grouped, is now included.Navigate to the Registry or file system location displayed or the configuration of an auto-start item by selecting the item and using the Jump to Entry menu item or toolbar button, and navigate to the location of an autostart image.To disable an auto-start entry uncheck its check box.

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Watch this brief video for advice on when to seek professional care.Autoscroll rewrite: numerous bug fixes and significant performance gain. More APIs implemented from WHATWG specs, such as ability to read files from file selection fields without need to upload and cut/copy/paste events, and cross-site XMLHttp Request. Experimental full-page zoom support, but no UI to control it. Loading the HTML5 specification no longer causes very long browser pauses. The stop and reload buttons have been merged when they are adjacent on the toolbar. Significant API improvements are available for JS-ctypes. The beta version of Adobe Flash is now run in a separate process on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). A new way of representing values in Java Script that allows Firefox to execute heavy, numeric code (used for things like graphics and animations) more efficiently. An experimental API is included to provide more efficient Javascript animations. Direct2D Hardware Acceleration is now on by default for Windows 7 users.Fixes to the use of units within the download manager. Numerous Mac OS X bug fixes, but Mac OS X 10.3 no longer supported for Gecko 1.9. Full-screen video on Windows is now rendered using hardware acceleration when available. Firefox now uses hardware acceleration for video playback. Firefox now supports the HTML5 video "buffered" property. Firefox button has a new look for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.Note scan results may not be available for five or more minutes.

Improvements to layout and scaling precision across numerous screen and printer resolutions. Places (bookmark and history service based on SQLite) used by default, but no front-end changes. Plugin crashes will not kill Firefox itself, and unresponsive plugins are automatically restarted. Responsiveness and scrolling improvements from the new retained layers layout system.

To view the properties of an executable configured to run automatically, select it and use the Properties menu item or toolbar button.